motorized diving kayak for deep sea dive

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Dive Kayak

  The Dive kayak is our unique solution desighed to help solve problems divers experience whilst out on the water.The kayak has a drop down shelf for easy air tank removal and also comes complete with a sturdy and well-made anchor,meaning that you can be confident that your boat is secure whilst you’re exploring underwater.This craft also includes an international dive flag to ensure that you are visible to other boats whilst you’re out diving.

  If that’s not enough to convince you that this is the perfect diving boat,it also comes with two of our unique bucket storage hatches,the bottom of the hatch is solid and not exposed to the hull of the kayak.This is ideal for keeping essential and valuable safe whilst on the water.

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  The forward hatch has Polycarbonate porthole;this fantastic extra allows you to have your very own”glass bottom boat” and means that you can scout out the sea life below before you make your dive.

This kayak features multiple handles at the rear and sides to make getting back on board as easy as possible.Amoulded handle at the front end of the kayak ensures it can be securely locked up if stored outside.

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Also included are a central drinks holder and the fittings for an optional rod holder,six drainage holes spaced throughout the kayak and side carry handles with paddle holders.For a more comfortable paddle this kayak comes complete with several foot rest points,a padded seat and a high back rest.







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There are three layers to pack the kayak: First inside layer with air bubble bag, second with Corrugated Paper for strength and last layer with plastic bag.



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